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School Meetings Have Begun!

School meeting is a time for all students at Nixon to come together to share our talents and accomplishments and to discuss school matters that pertain to all. Meetings this year will take place on full-day Wednesdays. Sometimes classes or entire grade levels present their work. In addition, almost every meeting features small groups of students performing on the Nixon stage. Students might play instruments, sing songs, recite original poetry, write and perform skits, tell jokes, juggle, dance, perform karate, do magic tricks, or even show their artwork. 


Student performances are organized by the music teacher, Mrs. Dooley. Here’s how it works: when students have an “act” ready, they come to the music room at a designated time to give Mrs. Dooley a preview. This doesn’t have to be a polished performance but the students need to have put some thought and effort into their work. At that time, Mrs. Dooley will either a) assign the students a date for performance or b) ask the students to work on a particular aspect of the act and then come back another day. If students are given a performance slot, they will receive a note prior that informs them of the date of their scheduled performance. Parents are welcome to attend when their child is performing. 



Including School Meeting auditions below


Wednesday, Sept. 6 Welcome Back; Food Pantry Kick-off

Wednesday, Sept. 20 Introduction of New Teachers, etc.

Wednesday, Oct 11 Spirit Day: COOPERATION (5th)

Wednesday, Nov. 1 Spirit Day: AIM HIGH (4th); Vets Day

Wednesday, Dec. 6 Spirit Day: RESPECT (3rd)

Wednesday, Jan. 17 Spirit Day: EFFORT (2nd)

Wednesday, Jan. 31 Concert: Grade 5

Wednesday, Feb. 14 Friendship?; Concert: Grades 1 & 2

Wednesday, March 28 Concert: Grades 3 & 4

Wednesday, April 11 Spirit Day: SAFETY (1st)

Wednesday, May 23 K Chicken Songs; Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29 Alumni Day (tentative)

Wednesday, June 6 No special theme yet; 5th poems?

Wednesday, June 13 Senora Benson award; Summing-up activities


School meeting auditions will be held 2:30-3:10pm on the following dates (or by special appointment):

Oct. 4, Oct. 18, Dec. 20, Jan. 3, Feb. 28, May 2, May 9, May 30


Questions about this process are welcome and should be directed to Mrs. Dooley 

at leslie_dooley at



Click here to find out how your child can sign up for School Meeting

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