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Nixon Students:


How to sign up and perform at School Meeting



1. Decide what you would like to do & whether you will do it alone or with others Suggestions: a skit, song, playing an instrument, reciting a poem, dancing, reading some of your writing, performing a cheer or a rap, demonstrating something like martial arts.


2. Practice your act at home and ask your parents for suggestions to improve it. (Parents, please ensure that lyrics, costumes, and props are appropriate for school.)


When your parent thinks you are ready…..


3. Tell your teacher that you would like to show your act to Mrs. Dooley and ask him/her which audition time would be best (audition times are posted in the classroom and the music room). Your teacher and Mrs. Dooley may work out a more convenient time if necessary.


4. Come to the music room during the audition time to perform your act for Mrs. Dooley. Be sure to bring your music, instrument, or any props you need. She may ask you to practice some more or to take suggestions to improve your act then return another day. If Mrs. Dooley thinks you are ready, she will assign you a meeting date for your performance. This date may be a long way in the future! She will give you a notice to take home to your family so they know when you are performing.


5. Keep practicing!


6. At some point during the week of your performance, Mrs. Dooley may check in with you to make sure you are still ready. You will be able to rehearse on stage before school meeting. Mrs. Dooley will assign you a rehearsal time and will tell your teacher. Please check in with your teacher to find out when you should come to the stage and keep your eye on the clock! Be sure to bring your music, instrument, or any props you need. After rehearsal, return to your class. Come to the cafeteria and sit with your class for school meeting. The MCs will call you when it is your turn to perform. Be sure to bring your music, instrument, or any props you need.


7. When it is your turn, perform! Face the audience and speak slowly and clearly so that everyone can hear. Do your best and have a good time. When you are finished, smile and bow. Go back and sit with your class.


Parents: we would love to have you attend the meeting if your child is performing. Please choose a seat other than those designated for staff as they need to be near students. Please be aware that the school tradition and expectation is for silence from the entry of the students through their exit.


(Revised 9/2011)


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