How to Make Changes in Dismissal Plans

We appreciate the efforts you make to let us know ahead of time if there will be changes in your child's regular dismissal plan.

If you need to make a change to the regular dismissal plan that we have on file, please:

  • Send in a note or fax on the morning of the change (or beforehand if you know). 
  • Please do not send email, as we may not be checking this frequently enough to get your message. (It can get very busy here!)

NEW PROCEDURE if you have an emergency or an unexpected event occurs and you were not able to provide a note, please:

  • Call the office and speak to someone in person.
  • Please talk to someone in person; do not leave a message if we are on the other lines, as we may not get to it in time.
  • To ensure your child's safety, if the office staff does not recognize your voice, they have been instructed to call you back at a number that WE HAVE ON FILE to verify your identity. Even if you think that they should know your voice, please understand that we are trying to protect your child!

We ask that you reserve calls to the office for emergencies or unexpected occurances. Please understand that we can't make playdates or other nonemergency/nonessential changes.

When your child isn’t where you expect him/her to be:

Even though we will work hard to get the message to your child and his/her teacher, with 400+ children, there may be glitches from time to time. The school has back-up safety procedures in place just for this purpose. We keep lists of which children are being picked up and walking home each day, and these are checked by the staff on duty. That is why it is essential that you sign your child out ONLY after you actually see your child.

Staff members make sure that every child on the list was signed out, and if there are children not signed out on the list, they follow up. Likewise, they take in hand children who are not on the list and make phone calls to teachers and parents. Staff members check on every child on the walker's list to ensure that those children do, in fact, leave the school walking.

If you planned to pick up your child but do not see him or her, let one of the staff members on duty know. They can quickly have the office contact the staff at the buses with a walkie-talkie. You do not need to walk over to the bus area.

Thank you!


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