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Welcome Parents of Nixon Students,


My name is Anne Chabot and I am the school nurse for the General John Nixon School. A student’s health and well-being has an impact on school performance and educational achievement. My goal is to provide excellent school health care to all Nixon students so they can learn. Being involved in the delivery of school health services provides an opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference for each student that comes into the health office. All students need to have their health issues acknowledged and addressed. As a Sudbury school nurse I am committed to giving appropriate, effective care to all students in my charge. On an average day the health office is a busy and dynamic place. In a typical school year, I log in between 8000-9000 health room visits to the Nixon Health Office. (These numbers do not include annual vision and/or hearing screenings, postural screenings or the measurements of both height and weight for each student.)


I hope you will find the links on this web page helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,

Anne Chabot, RN, BSN, MSN


Anne Chabot, R.N., BSN, MSN is the full-time nurse at the General John Nixon School. Anne received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Fairfield University and Masters of Science in Nursing from Boston University. Her past nursing experience includes bone marrow transplantation, medical oncology and neuro-respiratory nursing. She has been the school nurse at The General John Nixon School since 1994. She can be reached at (978) 443-1080, ext. 4 or @


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