Nixon PTO Communications Guide

The General John Nixon PTO Communications Guide

The Nixon PTO primarily communicates with the Nixon Community electronically via the Nixon Gazette website and email. This communication guide provides instructions for making use of this communication mechanism for dissemination of important information regarding school events, school policies and other community announcements.

The Nixon PTO requests that all submissions be sent either in the body of an email, as MS Word attachments or as Adobe PDF attachments. Scanned copies never come out as well as your electronic originals. Even though the school system uses Macs, the Front Office is able to receive and open MS Word documents just fine. If you create flyers in something other than MS Word or Adobe PDF, let us know. We will work with you to try to translate the document into something that can be read by all without sacrificing your formatting.

If any of you ever have questions regarding any part of the submission process, please don’t hesitate to contact the co-chairs listed inside these pages, or the PTO Co-Chairs.

Please visit the Nixon PTO site at: (you are doing so now)
The Nixon School website is at:


How to Submit a Notice to the Nixon Gazette Website

To submit materials to the Nixon Gazette Website you only need submit your information to one source: Submissions are accepted every week for publication on the website that week by 10:00 am on Tuesday. All items, with some exceptions listed below, will be posted by noon on Thursday. You will receive an automated response that your submission has been received. All items will be posted on the Front Page of the Website ( and an e-mail reminder to review them will be sent to the Nixon Community after the posting.

In this process you will have the opportunity to specify a headline for your item and the heading (“PTO News,” “Upcoming Events,” etc.) under which you’d like the item displayed. If you do not specify this information then the editors will post it with a headline and under the heading deemed most appropriate. The editors also reserve the right to override requested headlines or heading, and to withhold materials deemed inappropriate.

To submit information to the Website, please complete the following:

E-mail your material to prior to 10:00 am on Tuesday of the week you would like the materials posted. In your e-mail, please...

  • State your name and the name of the group you represent.
  • List your daytime contact phone number.
  • Include your material in the body of the e-mail or attach it as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.
  • Type your suggested headline into the Subject line of the e-mail and repeat the headline in the body of the email.
  • Make sure to state in your e-mail how many weeks your notice should be posted.
  • State if your event needs to be posted to the Nixon calendar. If so, copy the School Secretary, Molly Logan, as well. Her e-mail address is

Upon receipt of your e-mail, an automated response will be sent to you advising you that your submission has been received.

If you are unable to e-mail your notice, you may also submit your notice in hard copy along with the above information directly to the front office. Any submissions not made via e-mail or not in one of the specified formats may experience a delay in posting of as much as one full week.

All notices must be approved by the Principal. The Nixon School Administrative Secretary, Jo Ann Schuster, may contact you to discuss modifications. There are currently no restrictions on the number of graphics that can be used.   All submissions (except those noted above) will be posted to the Nixon Gazette website by Thursday at noon.

Please note that if you include contact information in your material to be posted, the security of that contact information cannot be assured by the Nixon PTO Website.  If you are concerned about your contact information being available on the Nixon PTO Website, you have two options:

  1. Provide your name in your information to be posted and ask people who would like to contact you to look up your contact information in the Nixon Directory.
  2. Create a dedicated e-mail account at a free e-mail service (such as Yahoo!) and provide that e-mail address as your contact information. For instance, the Bingo Night event chair may choose to create and provide something like “”.

This submission process is posted (here) on the Nixon PTO Website as part of the parent handbook.

Thank you! If you have any questions about the following, please contact the appropriate person:

Content or hard copy submissions: 
Jo-ann Schuster, Administrative Secretary,, 978-443-1080 x2001.

All other questions:



Community Notices

Community Notices is a district-wide website dedicated to postings that are of interest across the entire district. In the past, organizers of community events were forced to submit their postings separately to each school--each of which had its own submission and approval process. The Community Notices process and website permits a single submission and approval to be used across all the elementary schools and Curtis.

Please use this link to post a Community Notice.


Nixon Gazette vs. Nixon School Home Page

There are two school websites available to the school administration. These are:

  • The Nixon Gazette (this site), and
  • The Nixon School Home Page.


Parents should feel comfortable using the Nixon Gazette (this site) as their primary information source. When important information is posted on the Nixon School Home Page, we always link to it from the Gazette pages.

So what is the difference and why are there two sites?

The Nixon School Home Page is hosted and managed by the Sudbury Public School District. It is the official posting place of administrative news, school calendars, school lunch menus and other information provided primarily at the district level. Since the district posts this information regularly (often for all the elementary schools at once), the Gazette links to important pages on the district-managed site as needed.

In contrast, the Nixon Gazette website is hosted and managed by the Nixon PTO. For a number of historical reasons all regular, weekly school-centric communications are communicated using PTO manpower and assistance. So weekly postings on PTO events, school news, programs, policy information and community notices run through the Gazette.

Rather than force parents to visit both sites regularly, the Nixon PTO website committee tries to make the Gazette a one-stop shop for parents by linking to most needed and/or recent information that is on the Nixon School Home Page. For this reason, you'll see many links from the Gazette to specific information posted on the Nixon School Home Page.

If you find yourself on the Nixon School Home Page and wish to return to the Gazette, click the "Nixon PTO" link on the left navigation bar.


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