Monster Mash Home

You're invited to

Nixon Elementary School's

Annual Monster Mash and

Ghastly Groove Dance Party 

Friday, October 26th 2018

from 6:00 - 8:30pm


Activities Include

Dance to Today’s Most Popular Music in the “Ghastly Groove” Disco.

Watch a Magic Show.

Win a Delicious Cake (or two) at the Cake Walk.

Enter the Cake Decorating Contest.

Visit the Make-Believe Haunted Hospital.

Make a Variety of Halloween Crafts. 

Visit the Fortune Tellers.

Play Games and Win Fun Prizes.

Costume Contests.


Costumes are encouraged for adults and children!!


Slices of pizza, coffee, classic snacks (cookies,brownies) and healthy snacks (fruit, veggies) treats and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the evening


Any questions please call:

Sheri Martinelli (617) 633-2841 or

Alison Whitebone (617) 320-4505

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